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Best Ergonomic Office Chair in 2020

By August 1, 2020August 26th, 2020Office Chair Reviews
best ergonomic office chair

Is there a lot of stress and fatigue in your office?

We assume that this is the norm for most offices, but in some cases, it doesn’t have to be. Stress and fatigue can be related to a number of different factors present in the workplace, but one place to take into consideration is one that is relatively easy to fix; your office chairs.

Here’s the deal:

When you take into consideration the amount of time you and/or your employees will be spending sitting in their office chair it only makes sense to have a chair which will make them and/or you most productive. With an ergonomic office chair, you can increase productivity while reducing stress and fatigue. Selecting the best ergonomic office chair is something more of a challenge.

woman sitting right at the officeWe can help:

Our reviews below will examine the benefits and features of five ergonomically designed office chairs as well as their pros and cons. Using these reviews you can compare how each model implements the best features ergonomic features into their design. As an added bonus, we will also answer a number of frequently answered questions which often surround ergonomic office chairs.

With those objectives in mind, let’s get started.

What Is the Best Ergonomic Office Chair?

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Ergonomic Office Chairs Reviews

Herman Miller Embody Chair

No products found.

When it comes to working long hours in front of your desk, the No products found. is a great option to keep in mind. Both comfortable and affordable, this ergonomically designed office chair is loaded with value adding features for maintaining good posture and reducing back pain and fatigue.

It Includes:

A cellular backrest, which ensures that your spine is properly supported, but is also comfortable and cool during those long hours you spend at your desk. You can choose this very same design for the seat bottom of your chair as well.

Herman Miller’s patented Harmonic Tilt feature provides easy adjustment to the angle of the chair to ensure the best fit to each individual when it comes to both support and comfort.

The seat height of this chair can easily be adjusted to properly fit your workstation and it also features a sliding seat depth adjustment to provide proper support to your thighs while your back is fully supported against the seatback.

Steel with a graphite finish is the frame structure of this solidly built chair which rides on your choice of hard or soft castors depending upon the surface you will be using your chair the most.

This Chair is best for

Those who are looking for durability and long-term support with plenty of adjustment and several design variation options to choose from. It supports maintaining good posture while working, but it lacks some comfort in the cushioning and upholstery and lumbar support must be purchased separately.


  • The Embody is built with high-quality components for longevity and durable support.
  • Seat height, tilt angle, seatback height, seat depth, armrests, and tilt tension are all adjustable and can be locked into position for both versatility and proper support.
  • You have a decent choice of upholstery types as well as colors in the selection of your seat.
  • This chair comes backed by a 12-year warranty on parts and labor.


  • The lumbar support feature on this chair is optional instead of being integrated into the chair.
  • The cushioning and upholstery of this chair tend to be denser and a bit on the firm side.

Herman Miller Aeron Executive Office Chair | Our Choice for the Best Ergonomic Office Chair in 2020

No products found.

We consider this the best option among the chairs in our review for several reasons. The No products found. is a true partner when it comes to reducing stress and fatigue as well as supporting overall comfort and support for your spine. It is loaded with features that add plenty of value to its affordable price as well.

Here are its features:

Herman Miller has a patented Kinemat Tilt Mechanism that is installed on this chair in order to provide the ultimate level of comfort for both the lower and upper spine. It maintains a balanced pivot to support neck, shoulders, spine, hips, and legs. It has some give to it, but can be locked into place in varying degrees of firmness.

The material used in the cushioning of this chair is breathable and comfortable, allowing air to pass through and keep you cool even when the stress gets turned up in the office. It includes the right balance of support and comfort so that your backside won’t protest too much from sitting all day.

Its seatback has an S-shaped structure to match the curvature of your spine and support it from your shoulders down to the integrated and adjustable lumbar support. Adjustable seat height and depth, as well as adjustments to the height of the armrests, are additional features that make this chair an ergonomic wonder.

Solid steel with a graphite finish also makes up the frame of this chair, providing you with plenty of durability and longevity. It rides on smooth rolling casters as well.

This Chair is best for:

Individuals who require full spinal support for greater comfort and maintaining posture. Its breathable design and shape also benefit those who require increased circulation and cooler comfort, but its lack of a headrest can be a turnoff to some.


  • The breathability of the Aeron is one of its most impressive features, providing you with superior sitting comfort for the duration of your day.
  • Its S-shaped design comfortably hugs your spine to provide better support and circulation while reducing fatigue and back pain.
  • It has adjustable seat height, armrests, lumbar support, seat depth and tilt with an included, patented tilt tension mechanism.
  • You are getting a lot of value in this chair for a moderate price and it is backed by a 12-year warranty on parts and labor.


  • The lack of a headrest on this chair is something of a disappointment to some users.
  • Assembly of this chair, when it arrives at your house, can be something of a challenge.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

No products found.

A runner-up to the Aeron is the Steelcase No products found.. There are plenty of innovations built into this chair to impress the most critical eye and it bears up under the critique. This chair is one of the best-selling ergonomic chairs on the market for plenty of good reasons.

Let’s take a closer look at its features:

This chair’s seat is cushioned for comfort and covered with breathable fabric, but it is the flexible seat edge feature which sets it apart from others in its class. Because it is flexible, it adjusts to the position of your legs whether leaning back, leaning forward or sitting straight up. This helps to improve blood circulation in your legs and has an overall positive benefit to comfort.

The Leap chair has an ergonomic shape to the backrest with an innovative feature known as LiveBack, which continues to support your spine as you shift positions or move in your chair. Along with this design, innovation is a lumbar firmness adjustment to help support your lower back.

Armrest adjustments are common on a lot of chairs, but most only facilitate height adjustment where this chair also allows you to adjust the depth, width and pivot angle of the armrests as well. Also included in the adjustable options of this chair are seat height, seat depth and tilt angle with tilt tensioning.

This Chair is best for:

Users who move or shift a lot for various reasons while they work and can benefit from the support of a chair that moves with them. Its adjustment features and innovations add to the overall value of this chair, but also raise its price so that it might be out of range for those with a moderate budget.


  • The Leap chair has a lot of innovations in its design including LiveBack, flexible seat edge and Natural Glide System all add to the overall ergonomics of this chair for providing comfort.
  • Armrest adjustment features that are included on this chair are well beyond what is common allowing for height, width, depth, and pivot angle.
  • Additional adjustments available include seat height, seat depth, and lumbar firmness to optimize your chair for comfort and support.
  • This chair is backed by a limited lifetime warranty in the Americas and variations of its warranty worldwide.


  • The lack of a headrest on this chair is a drawback to many.
  • Its aluminum frame is perhaps a little less durable than the steel frames in other chairs.
  • This chair is priced above the average office chair as well.

Eurotech Seating Ergohuman

No products found.

Those who are already suffering from back pain or spinal misalignment issues might benefit from the special design features of the No products found.. This chair is specifically designed to provide the necessary support required to bring back pain and relief to its related fatigue.

What makes this chair special?

The 3-piece backrest on this chair aggressively targets back and neck tension relief by allowing for adjustments at several different levels in the overall shape of the backrest. Besides being able to adjust the shape of the backrest, it can also be adjusted in height to place its shape in the precise location where you need the most support.

Breathable mesh is used in the seat back and seat cushion design to allow you to remain cool while you work those long hours at your desk. The height of the seat can be adjusted so that your feet are properly positioned on the floor and its depth can be adjusted to make sure that your thighs are properly supported as well.

Tilt adjustment with tilt tension control with its Syncro-tilt mechanism is a feature on this chair as well, and it also includes 4D adjustments to the armrests, which can be adjusted in four different aspects to provide optimal support for your arms and shoulders while performing a wide variety of tasks.

This Chair is best for:

Those who already suffer from back pain and alignment issues and need the versatility of being able to target specific areas with greater support. The adjustability, durability, and breathability of this chair make it attractive as does its lifetime warranty, which might be just enough to offset its above average price.


  • An aggressive 3-piece backrest which is also height adjustable for targeting the exact areas your back needs support is the feature which makes this chair stand out.
  • The Ergohuman is set on a sturdy metal frame with plenty of durability and longevity.
  • Seat height, seat depth, and 4D armrest adjustments make this chair very versatile for a wide variety of users and uses.
  • The backing of this chair by a lifetime warranty is certainly a solid plus as well.


  • The mesh seat bottom and seat back lack a little bit of the comfort of cushioned chairs.
  • Some consider this chair to be a bit overpriced for a mesh chair.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

No products found.

You are probably familiar with Serta’s quality in relation to pillows and mattresses. They bring that quality and support into their No products found.. Those who need a budget option when shopping for an ergonomic office chair should sit up and take notice of this one.

What’s it got?

The cushioned seat and seatback are the two features that quickly catch your eye with the Serta chair. It is layered with body pillows, which Serta knows well, and covered in bonded leather for awesome comfort during those long hours at your desk. The height of the seat can be adjusted with its pneumatic lift to the proper adjustment for your workstation as well.

AIR technology is incorporated into this chair’s lumbar support. This patented technology allows the support to pivot and moves along with you to maintain support whenever you shift positions while you’re working.

Actuating levers are also included to allow you to adjust the chair’s tilt in order to achieve the best possible position for comfort and reducing fatigue. Its armrests are padded for added comfort as well. In addition, the seatback height on this chair provides greater support for your head and shoulders.

This Chair Is Best For:

Individuals who desire lumbar support, an ergonomic design and premium comfort and are on a budget. There are some common adjustments and design features in this chair that are in line with ergonomics, but its overall quality and level of ergonomic versatility lag behind the others in this review.


  • The standout feature on this Serta chair is the patented AIR technology in its lumbar support which allows it to pivot and move along with you to provide continuous support.
  • Its layered pillows in the seat and seatback create a higher level of comfort than your typical office chair.
  • Seat height, tilt and lumbar support can be adjusted with this chair.
  • This chair is budget priced and is backed by a 1 year warranty.


  • This chair lacks some adjustment features which support a higher level of ergonomics.
  • Cushion breakdown and cracking in the bonded leather is common with these types of chairs.
  • The 1-year warranty is an indicator that this chair isn’t on par with the others in this review.


Selecting an office chair that will provide the necessary support to alleviate stress, fatigue and back pain can be something of a challenge unless you know exactly what goes into an ergonomic office chair. We’ve answered some of the most common questions related to ergonomic office chairs in an attempt to help make your selection easier.

In addition:

We have reviewed five ergonomic office chairs so that you can compare how each implements the various features you should be looking for in an ergonomic design. Among those models reviewed, we have selected the Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair as the best ergonomic office chair in the selection.

Why did we select this chair?

best ergonomic office chair: our choiceThis chair provides the necessary adjustments to ensure that each individual user will have the necessary support required to reduce fatigue, strain and back pain. Its patented tilt and tilt tensioning technology is a solid feature as is the overall durability and longevity of the materials used. This chair’s seat and seatback breathe well for cooler comfort. Finally, you get all of this at a moderate price while it is backed by a solid warranty.

You may or may not agree with our selection. Regardless of which chair has tickled your fancy, you should be well-enough informed after reading this review to make a qualified decision when it comes to purchasing the best ergonomic office chair to suit your needs and budget.

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