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Best Office Chair for Neck Pain in 2020

By August 1, 2020August 26th, 2020Office Chair Reviews
best office chair for neck pain

Anyone that has suffered from neck pain knows how unbearable it can be. Especially if you spend a good amount of your day behind a desk. You can develop tension and pain in your shoulders and neck that makes it hard to do your work. Once you start to have neck pain, you may also start to experience other problems like increased stress, headaches, and problems holding or lifting things.

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors, but the most common is the compression of nerves in your neck that are caused by bad sitting habits or bad posture. One solution to these problems is the chair you spend most of your day in. By looking for a chair that gives you the neck support you need, you can start to improve your own health.

neck pain at work


With a variety of ergonomically designed desk chairs on the market, it can be difficult to find the right desk chair to help you with your specific pain issues. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best office chair for neck issues and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

What Is the Best Office Chair for Neck Pain?

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Office Chairs for Neck Pain Reviews

Humanscale Freedom Chair

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Integrating beautifully into any contemporary office, the No products found. gives you total ease of use, style, and comfort. Created to complement your workspace, designer Neils Diffrient used the body weight of the occupant and the laws of physics to give immediate custom support for each user. You can achieve perfect balance allowing you to move effortlessly move while feeling completely supported in every position.

With body-fitting contouring, the Freedom Task Chair lets you sit comfortably all day with cushions designed for the most comfort. This eco-friendly chair also features an intelligent reclining mechanism the gives you custom support automatically while encouraging spontaneous and healthy movement every day. There are no manual adjustments or annoying lever and knobs making sitting in the Freedom Task Chair effortless.

Featuring a revolutionary design, the backrest lets you pivot automatically and changes to accommodate your spine’s changing needs. A gel seat evenly distributes pressure as well as absorbing shock. Plus, the armrests stay with you as you recline giving you ongoing comfort and consistent support.


  • Vertically adjust back is great for those that are really tall
  • Good support from the curving backrest
  • Comfortable while still remaining firm
  • Armrests are attached at the back of the chair leaving your legs free to sit however you like.


  • Armrests can break off the hinge if you push down on them as you get up
  • The longer you use the seat, the harder and more uncomfortable it becomes
  • Headrest won’t stay where you adjusted it

Viva Office Ergonomic High Back Mesh Chair

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Featuring ergonomic back support, the No products found. has passed BIFMA testing standards for all pertinent features. This easy to assemble chair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and includes a free component exchange within two years. Breathable mesh is used in both the seat and back of the chair to stop moisture build up from body heat.

You only need to pull up on the right control handle to raise or lower the seat. If you pull out the same handle, you can tilt your chair forward and back. You can also make back angle adjustments or lock the tilt for added relaxation with the left control handle. There is also a tilt-tension knob under the chair that makes it either harder or easier to rock back in your chair depending on how you have it turned.

This is a completely adjustable chair with pneumatic controls allowing you to lower or raise your seat to your personal preferences. Plus, it has high-quality nylon caster and a base for quiet stability. Promoting a seated position that is ergonomically correct, the Viva Office Mesh Chair can help improve your overall health if you sit in front of a computer or a desk for long periods of time.


  • Headrest works well for taller people
  • Seat and back have a mesh design that is firm and comfortable
  • Good quality mesh and frame construction
  • Assembly is easy and straightforward


  • Back reclines but the seat doesn’t move with it
  • The lock lever is very hard to push
  • Armrests are not adjustable

Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair

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It’s important to stay cool as you work throughout the day, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer. The heavy-duty No products found. comes equipped with arms that are adjustable, seat positioning that is customizable, and breathable mesh. With the technical design of this chair, you can stay comfortable for hours and complement any modern workspace.

Constructed of back technical mesh designed to keep you cool, the Hyken Task Chair includes height adjustment as well as lumbar and arm support. With a 250-pound weight capacity, this is an easy to assemble chair with straightforward instructions and part packs that reduce assembly time and confusion.

You also get simple tilt customization with a built-in tilt tension lever that locks when you have found just the right position. You can also make easy changes with the Hyken’s pneumatic height adjustment while sturdy rolling casters give you smooth and easy motion across the floor.


  • Breathable mesh and sturdy base and wheels
  • Good overall adjustments
  • Feels like a chair the will last awhile
  • Good value for the price


  • Has a flimsy headrest that can wobble
  • Armrests do not adjust to a low enough position
  • Padding doesn’t keep you from feeling the plastic the chair is made from

Frequently Asked Question When Buying the Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

What’s the best fabric for an ergonomic chair?

Some sort of mesh fabric will give you a good flow of air so you aren’t sweating. This type of fabric also helps your chair stay nice and clean.

What’s the best method to hurt your trunk when doing 0 miles per hour?

Slouch. The best ergonomic chairs will stop you from slouching, plus it will adjustments that can help you maintain an injury-free experience in the office. When you buy an ergonomic chair, you are investing in a long-term health solution.

Why is it important to maintain your posture?

In order to prevent neck and back pain, maintaining proper posture while sitting at your desk is vital. A lot of people sit at their desk all day and that is the only place they are. This can, unfortunately, cause a lot of postural strain in your shoulders, back, and neck. When you start to feel sore, the muscles in your shoulders and around your spine draw together in tension. Continuing to work in the same position cause the muscles to become tired and you feel more pain. To compensate, other muscles contract creating more pain and in your upper back and neck area.

How to Sit Properly to Decrease Back and Neck Pain?

→ If you are a little bit oversized, take a look at our Best Office Chair for Big and Tall Person‘s Guide.

How can I create better posture?

For those that have to sit at work, try to limit how much time you sit to a period of twenty or thirty minutes. Take a break and stretch or move around. When you are sitting, make sure your chair is supporting your body properly as some office chairs are not only adjustable but can also accommodate a range of body types.

To prevent slouching, make sure your low back is supported by sitting fully in your chair with your lower back touching the lower back part of the chair. Also, make sure the curve of the chair back is supporting the curve in your lower back while keeping your knees and hips at about 90 degrees. Make sure your trunk is upright and your elbows rest on the armrests at a natural height.

You can also choose to get a desk with an adjustable height or a standing desk converter. Either choice will allow you to change positions easily when you are working at the computer. When you work in a standing position, make sure your feet are should width apart and your trunk is upright and not allowing your body to lean forward or slouch over your desk.

How does desk setup affect your neck pain?

An important part of your workspace, your desk can help to contribute to your neck pain if you haven’t adjusted your desk in the right way. With a typical sitting desk, the work surface height should let you type as naturally as possible on the computer keyboard. If it doesn’t, you may want to consider a keyboard drawer or tray.

If you have a desk that is too high, you tend to compensate by moving your shoulders up and elevating your hands, wrists, and forearms to the correct height. After doing this for a period of time, the muscles in your neck will get tired and can start to spasm. As your neck muscles tighten, the tension you are feeling can affect the small suboccipital muscles found at the bottom of your skull. At this point, headaches may start that can progress to the front of your skull as your symptoms become worse.

If your desk is lower than it should be, you may find your trunk is being flexed to use the keyboard. When you flex your trunk forward, you tend to extend your neck more than normal so that you can see the computer monitor. Known as the forward head posture, it can shorten the suboccipital muscles at the bottom of your skull which can lead to a headache, neck pain, and muscle spasm.

How can I fix my desk setup?

Adjust your desk surface to a height where you can reach it easily with your arms bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your desk is big enough for your computer and accessories as well as supporting materials and deep enough to let the monitor sit a minimum of twenty inches from your eyes to stop eye strain.

How does your monitor cause neck pain?

If you monitor is not set in the right position, it can also cause neck pain when you work at your desk for long periods of time. Make sure it is at or just below your eye level to create a neutral spine position. Even though all monitors have a stand, many are not adjustable.

How can I create a better monitor setup?

Prop up a monitor that is too short on a box or shelf so it reaches the right height. You can also purchase a monitor mount that connects to the back of the monitor that will also give you more flexibility when setting distance from your eyes and screen height.

How should I set up my office chair?

The full-back should be extended from the chair’s seat to your shoulders or above. Giving you the right lower back support, this will stop slouching and a forward head posture. You can also use a lumbar roll or a small pillow if your chair doesn’t have enough built-in support for your lumbar region.

You should also adjust the arms to create a natural position for your elbows to prevent them from being too low or high and creating a strain on your upper back muscles and neck. Pretty much all office chairs can adjust their seat height but you also need to make sure it works well with your desk height. You should also look for an adjustable seat height, seat depth, and tilt to increase your chair’s fit and prevent postural strain.


best office chair for neck pain: our choice Our choice for the best chair for neck pain is the No products found.. Not only does it feature an ergonomic design, it has passed BIFMA testing standards for all pertinent features. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, this easy to assemble chair is made of a breathable mesh that stops moisture build up from body heat.

It has all the adjustability you are looking for with pneumatic controls so you can lower and raise the chair, tilt it backward and forward, and make back angle adjustments. High-quality nylon casters and a base give you added stability while the tilt-tension knob under the chair that makes it either harder or easier to rock back in your chair depending on how you have it turned. By promoting a seated position that is ergonomically correct, the Viva Office Mesh Chair can help improve your health if you sit in front of a computer or a desk for long periods of time.

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Considerations When Buying an Office Chair for Neck Issues

You want your office chair to last you a long time, this can be especially true when you shell out a lot of cash for a good ergonomic chair. To make sure you are getting the quality chair you are looking for, here are a few things to consider.

1. Neck Support

It really shouldn’t be that hard to find a chair that gives you the correct support you need for your neck with all the options out there. Look for adjustability in the neck rest and back height, especially if you are very tall. Some chairs will also include extra cushions for your neck which can be an important feature when buying a chair to ease your neck pain.

2. Build Quality

When you spend a lot of money on a chair, you want to make sure that the build quality is high-quality. If your chair is unstable or squeaky, it probably has cheap construction and you will notice that the low-quality materials will become worn or tear easily. Pay a little more for the nicer quality chair that will give you the support you need and last you longer.

3. Suitability

There are often certain aesthetics required in some offices, so make sure the chair you are choosing works with the office’s décor. There are a wide variety of styles when it comes to ergonomic office chairs so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a chair that looks good in the office and helps get rid of your neck pain.

4. Fit

Make sure the chair fits your body type, especially if you are very tall. Really basic chairs don’t address ergonomic concerns and will only have the most straightforward design. You want to make sure that there are adjustable headrests and armrests, a special tilt features and spine support, and that you can adjust the angles of the chair both backward and forward.

5. Materials

You want to find a chair that is made of a type of work fabric that helps you to keep your chair secure and clean. Many chairs have fabric that helps air-stream and won’t make you sweat as much as their competitors.

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