How To Sharpen your Email Skills

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Those interested in improving their business communication need to take a close look at their email skills. Too many people think that because email is a fast and easy way to communicate with others, they don’t have to put much time and effort into what they write.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Time is precious for everyone in the business world. Unless an email is deemed worth someone’s time, there’s a good chance it will never make its intended impact.

Strong email skills begin with determining whether an email needs to be sent at all. Even though it might be more convenient for the sender to ask a question over email, sometimes a face-to- face conversation is more appropriate.

Bombarding busy people with emailed questions that could have just as easily been discussed in person is a surefire way to frustrate them. If email is the most appropriate platform for your message, be sure to keep the message succinct and satisfying.

Put the most important idea upfront, and avoid surrounding it with lots of unnecessary words. Keep the idea simple, and make sure the email has a catchy subject line that will stand out among all the others your recipient will see.

No matter who your intended recipient is, make sure your business emails maintain a professional but friendly tone.

Treating emails like text messages means you might not be taken seriously, but too much formality could cause the recipient to tune out what you’re saying. Above all, take the time to review what you’ve written carefully to screen out any typos, factual mistakes or anything else that could reflect poorly on you. Strong communication is extremely important in the professional world, and that includes electronic communication.

The accompanying checklist features some tips you can use to enhance and sharpen your email skills.

How To Sharpen Your Email Skills

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