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5 Tips to Share Visual Content on Social Media

By July 7, 2018December 14th, 2018Social Media

This is a guest post from Sudheer Someshwara. Sudheer is the Founder & Head of Product at Viraltag – a SaaS Social media marketing and collaboration platform for Brands. Viraltag is used by over 1,000 leading brands including H&M, Zulily, Lacoste, AOL Lifestyle, Hearst and Conde Nast.

Visual content is a very effective and important part of your Marketing strategy.

A study shows that a visual post gets 94% more views compared to a post with plain text.


Simply put, because we are visual beings, and graphics are more appealing to the eye and more easily remembered.

Take a look at these Visual Content Marketing Stats on Hubspot by Jesse Mawhinney that highlight the necessity of sharing images as a part of your Marketing plan.

Here are some tips on how you can most efficiently share Visual content on Social media to get maximum views and click throughs

1. Make your Images Pop by Using Canva

Canva is one of the best tools for creating beautiful and professional graphics. With its user-friendly interface, creating and editing images is both simple and time-efficient. It has a wide collection of free templates, effects and layouts you can choose from to give your images an added boost before sharing them.

What’s brilliant is Canva has layouts with preset dimensions for social posts, blogs, posters, emails etc. So this way you can be sure that the image size is optimized according to the channel you want to share it on.

With Viraltag’s Canva integration, you can curate content on the fly without having to move out of the dashboard. Take a look at this blog post on Social Media Examiner by Olga Andrienko which takes you through how you can use Canva, and other apps to create stunning images and posts.

2. Customize Posts for each Social Media Channel

While posting on different social media channels, it’s important to make sure the dimensions of the image you’re sharing is in accordance with the recommended sizes for each social profile. For Pinterest it’s more vertical as opposed to Facebook where horizontal posts are more ideal.

This article by Sudheer Someshwara, founder of Viraltag Inc gives you an idea of what dimensions suit each social channel the best.

Making sure the dimensions are optimized each time manually might be a hassle, which is why you can make use of tools like Canva (mentioned before) to automatically choose the template based on the social channel – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Viraltag provides an In-app Visual editor which makes this process easier for you. You can adjust your images to match the ideal dimensions for each channel.

Another thing to keep in mind while sharing visuals is the description that goes with it. For Facebook you might want to add a more conversational message, for Instagram relevant hashtags, for Twitter a 140 character caption. Re-uploading the same image and editing the description is time consuming to say the least. With the ‘Clone Post’ feature you can skip uploading images and go straight to customizing them according to each social profile.

This thorough list of tips by Jodi Harris on Content Marketing Institute gives you an idea of what you should keep in mind when sharing visual content and how to tailor content based on each social media channel.

3. Recycle Old Content

Post Recycling is a brilliant way to save time, increase traffic and ensure your Posting Schedule is never empty. There might be times when you run out of new content to post to your social media channels, as a result of which your posting frequency decreases. By automatically recycling your best-performing posts you can fill in any empty time slots in your posting queue and have a constant stream of social media posts.

This article in Social Media Examiner by Daniel Kushner lays out how you can extend the life of your social media posts by Content Recycling – Do give these useful tips a quick read.

Viraltag makes Post Recycling easy for you – All you need to do is mark content you want reposted as ‘Evergreen’, and Viraltag will automatically recycle these posts for you based on your Posting schedule.

4. Create a Visual Marketing Calendar

With numerous posts going out to your social media channels, it’s hard to keep track of which post goes out on which day. Since visuals are more easily remembered, having a Visual Marketing Calendar is a smart way to get an overview of all the posts you’ve scheduled over time and collaborate with your team members.

Kevan Lee from Buffer goes over why you should have a Visual Content Calendar and gives you a few examples of the best ones out there in this blog post.

Viraltag also provides you with this option, the Calendar view gives you a visual overview of content scheduled for the coming week, and the weeks to come.

5. Complement your Original Content with Feeds

Adding in feeds to your Social Media Marketing tool makes sure you always have new content flowing in to complement your original content. If you have a website with RSS Feeds enabled, adding that in would make scheduling from a single dashboard a whole lot easier since you needn’t toggle over to a new window to schedule content each time.

You can add in unlimited feeds with Viraltag, and schedule directly to your social media channels. In addition to RSS feeds, adding in your Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and Etsy store accounts as feeds will further save you time as you can schedule content without having to move out of Viraltag.

Over to You

We would love for you to head over to Viraltag and try this out for yourself! Let us know if these tips help you boost your Visual Content Marketing Strategy.

For any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach us at or leave us a message in our In-app chat, and we’ll get right back to you!

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